Employer Inboxes

Manage all of your online replies to your job postings quickly and easily!


At Hladders we have eliminated the need for your online replies to be sent to you by email. Instead you have the option to direct all of your online replies to your job postings to your Hladders Inboxes.


What this means for you:


  • Each online reply goes into a separate Inbox for each job posting, making it quick and easy to screen each application
  • No more problems with emailed resumes being sent to you in formats you cannot open. All your replies can be viewed on Hladders!
  • No more worrying that an emailed resume could contain a virus as you will no longer be receiving resumes as attachments. Hladders will inform you automatically via email whenever a new application is received. This email will include a link directing you right to your new responses in order to save you time!